Cut & styling 115-165

Wash & styling 58-95

Fringe trim & styling from 20

Cut & styling 69-90

Contours and fades from 35

Wash & styling 45-60

Beard styling from 25

Cut & styling 30-110

Color & Technical 95-260

Highlights 125-180

Balayage 180-260

Smartbond in combination with color 25-70
This tri-phase treatment nourishes even very damaged, colored (or bleached) hair thoroughly and repairs possible damage during the chemical treatment or coloring itself.

Pure Pigments for unique light reflexes from from 10

Intense head massage from 25

Consultation 15 minutes from 40
(Deducted from price of service)

Fulfill your dream of long, thick hair that’s full of volume.
We work exclusively with high quality real hair extensions by Great Lengths.
ab 600 to 2’500

Quick Styling
Our answer to life’s hectic pace, combined with a mini-break. In only 15-60 minutes, if need be, with four hands, we «prettify» you for both day and night.

Whether it’s curls, straightening, a bun, braids or an updo, or make-up and a quick manicure: We’ll style you exactly according to your needs.

Just Hair Styling (approx. 15 min) from 35

Wash & Style (approx. 30 min) from 45

Quick Make-Up (approx. 15 min) from 40

All in One: Wash, Style and Make-up (approx. 60 min) from 80

Quick manicure (approx. 20 min) 45
Including hand soak, manicure with polish and hand massage

Our prices vary according to stylist, effort, hair volume and length. Students carrying a Stucard get a 20% discount, without Stucard 15% (not including extensions and products). All prices are in CHF.